Let the Party Begin

If you cant get your audience to the venue, then let us help you get the venue to them! No matter how big or small, we can stream your event to them all. We at Any Live Event help companies, organisations and individuals broadcast any events, from anywhere at anytime. No matter what you are trying to stream Any Live Event can help you connect with your audience across multiple platforms.

About Any Event Live

Our professional team has over 20 years of live tv experience, helping to broadcast events from around the world. Our expertise allows us to tailor each production to your requirements, ensuring that the audience get the experience the event to the highest quality.

Live Streaming

No matter where you want to stream we can help! Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Live and more, our tech team are on hand to explain the options and get you stream asap.


Sometimes one platform is just not enough, so the team here at Any Live Event can help you Simulcast to multiple platforms to help reach a wider audience.

Live Video Streaming Statistics

The live streaming industry is expected to be valued at $184.3 billion by 2027 Grand View Research
Live content earns 27% more minutes of watch time per viewing, nearly 6 more minutes, at 24.41 minutes on average, for live video versus video on demand (slightly fewer than 18 minutes) Conviva
By 2026, the live video streaming market is expected to grow to $149.34 billion Valuates Reports
Live video is expected to grow 15-fold by 2022 and reach a 17% share of all internet traffic. Cisco
2019 Coachella was the live music event with the highest live viewership at 82.9 million live views Variety
Video streaming rose 72.4% between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019 Streaming Media
The online live streaming industry has grown 99% between April 2019 and April 2020Daily eSport

A Single Solution

We understand that managing, organising and promoting an event can be extremely stressful and very time consuming. So, we have a number of services that can help you promote and stream your show before, during and after the the event, allow you to focus on the job at hand, while we worry about getting it to the outside world.

Promotional Content

Promoting an event before or after can really help drive an audience to your live event and our promotional team are here to help. We can create content that can be used before, throughout and after the event to raise awareness and help to build continuity into your show. Just ask our team about the offers we have currently running and take the stress away from you.


There are many reasons you may want to embed your live stream or the Video On-Demand (VOD) content on your own website and the team at Any Live Event are here to help. With a little help from your I.T. crowd we can direct our RTMP servers directly to your website and there are several options for the VOD. Whatever you require to make your event as easy for your audience then we are here to help.


If you want to give the audience a full experience then why not add some real-time integration tools so you customers can add there voice to the event, Q&A with the host, share there experience to make the event even richer.

Invite Only

If you are keen to control who attends we can help you to make a truly private stream, allowing you to permit who you want, when you want. Give your audience a truly special experience to the event they desire.

Video On-Demand (VOD)

Even when you attend an event, you may miss something, so why not let our team add an VOD to your event. This is a great way for the participants to revisit the bits they missed or watch it all over again!

Lets Make a Plan

  • Plan 1
  • Production: Live Feed of the Event
  • Video Format: 720p HD Feed
  • Audio Output: Directed Feed from Event or equivalent
  • Streaming Platforms:
    Facebook Live
    RTMP and more
  • Enquire
  • Plan 2
  • Production: Multi-Camera
  • Video Format: 720p HD Feed
  • Audio Output: Directed Feed from Event or equivalent
  • Streaming Platforms:
    Facebook Live
    RTMP and more
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  • Plan 3
  • Production: Full Production
  • Video Format: 1080p HD Feed
  • Audio Output: Sounder Engineer Mix
  • Streaming Platforms: YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, RTMP and more
  • Simucast: Output to multiple Platforms
  • On-Demand:Archived
  • Live Feed in venue:Archived
  • Enquire